Senior Justice Advocacy

The District Attorney’s team of professionals is trained and experienced at working with the particular needs of older adults. Collaborating with senior service providers and law enforcement, they help prevent elder abuse and support senior victims of fraud, abuse and neglect.

Last year in Allegheny County, over 12,000 people lost nearly $8 million from various scams. A thief can come at you in many ways including by mail, phone, at your door, and online. Simply stated: Do not talk to or respond to mail or emails from strangers. The more you answer or respond, the more you will get.

Let calls go to voicemail, block calls, and remember that numbers you see on caller ID can be manipulated to look familiar numbers (spoofing). The safest thing to do is nothing.

For more information or to sign up for FRAUD SQUAD, contact one of our senior justice advocates:

senior woman on smartphone