Sexual Assault Response Team (SARTAC)

The District Attorney was instrumental in the creation of the Sexual Assault Response Team of Allegheny County (SARTAC) to provide services to sexual assault victims.

The participation of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) in jurisdictions nationwide has improved the care provided to sexual assault victims, enhanced the quality of evidence collected, and assisted in the successful prosecution of cases.

The District Attorney collaborated with Allegheny County Adult Probation in implementing special conditions of probation for defendants convicted of crimes of sexual assault who are placed on county probation or parole.

These court-ordered conditions assist Allegheny County Adult Probation Officers in the supervision of sex offenders. Court-ordered conditions specifically applicable to the particular defendant, such as mandated sex offender treatment, prohibiting contact with children, prohibiting Internet usage and the viewing of pornography, permit the Probation Officer to seek court enforcement of conditions.

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