Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit handles the serious felony drug cases arising in Allegheny County.

Generally, these cases involve the delivery of drugs and possession with the intent to deliver drugs. Two of the most common drugs involved in the cases that the unit prosecutes are heroin and cocaine.

The unit also concentrates on offenders who sell illegal drugs near or on school property. In fact, offenders convicted of selling illegal drugs on or within 1,000 feet of school property may face additional prison time, if convicted.

Elderly woman and caretaker

The abuse and sale of prescription medications are also crimes prosecuted by the District Attorney. In particular, the abuse and sale of pain medications is on the rise. Often medications are acquired via forged prescriptions. However, some patients, who are validly prescribed medications, may then illegally sell some of their medications in order to make money. Persons who illegally sell prescription medications which are controlled substances are prosecuted as felons by the Narcotics Unit. Additionally, doctors, pharmacies and retailers of non-prescription medications work with the District Attorney to address numerous issues.

The District Attorney’s Office was involved in the creation of a special “Drug Court” in Allegheny County. The purpose of Drug Court is to provide the means to help addicted individuals within the criminal justice system address their addictions.