Job Opportunities

Entry level assistant district attorneys are initially assigned to the Pre-Trial Screening Unit, progress to the Phoenix Docket Unit, and then to the General Trial and Preliminary Hearing Units.  The District Attorney’s Office also maintains a 24 hour Warrant Approval Office for certain certified felonies.  After receiving sufficient training, General Trial Assistant District Attorneys are assigned to short term duty in the Warrant Office as part of their rotation in the office.

In addition, the District Attorney’s Office maintains several specialty prosecution units to which attorneys may be assigned at the District Attorney’s discretion.  Those units are: Child Abuse; Crimes Persons (adult sex assaults, and aggravated assaults or robberies committed without the use of a firearm); Domestic Violence; Elder Abuse; Grand Jury/Wiretap; Homicide; Investigations (including White Collar, Public Corruption, Auto Theft Squad and Insurance Fraud); Juvenile Court; Narcotics; and, Violent Crimes and Firearms.  Assistant District Attorneys may also prosecute cases in the following specialty courts:  Drug Court; DUI Court; Mental Health Court, Sex Offender Court, and Veteran’s Court.



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