Investigations Unit

The District Attorney employs an Investigations Unit comprised of sworn detectives who are assigned matters referred to the District Attorney by citizens and/or other law enforcement agencies. These matters are reviewed by detectives and prosecutors to determine an appropriate resolution of the matter. Charges may be filed, the matter may be referred to another law enforcement agency, or another course of action may be taken. Typical cases investigated include white-collar crime, public corruption and extensive financial crimes.

Several detectives also supervise the District Attorney Narcotics Enforcement Team (DANET). In 2000, the District Attorney authorized the creation of DANET to train and coordinate local police officers to investigate drug trafficking activity in Allegheny County. majority of police departments in Allegheny County are active participants in DANET. Investigations have resulted in numerous prosecutions and the seizure of considerable amounts of U.S. currency, assets and other proceeds of illegal drug trafficking activity, as well as the seizure and destruction of firearms and other weapons.

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