Elder Abuse Unit 

The Elder Abuse Unit was created in 2004 due to the unfortunate and increasing number of crimes committed against the elderly. By statute, elder abuse crimes are those that are committed against persons over the age of 60. Statistics indicate that the majority of crimes committed against the elderly are committed by people that are known by the victim, such as family members or caretakers.

The Elder Abuse Unit focuses on prosecuting the most serious offenses against elderly citizens such as aggravated assault, robbery and financial exploitation offenses. Judges can impose mandatory sentences for offenders who are convicted of aggravated assault, sexual assault and theft by deception offenses against the elderly. The District Attorney’s Office works closely with the police and agencies such as Protective Services, which is part of The Area Agency on Aging.

Elderly woman and caretaker

Some of the signs that may indicate that an elderly citizen is being subjected to criminal behavior are: physical abuse, such as bruises, cuts, marks, fractures, swelling, welts or pain; sexual abuse, such as complaints about nonconsensual or threatened fondling, touching or other sexual activity; neglect, such as malnourishment or dehydration, weight loss, bedsores and lack of medical attention; and financial exploitation, such as sudden or unusual transfers of money, assets or property to a caretaker, unpaid bills and missing checks or property.

If you suspect an elderly citizen may be the victim of physical, sexual or financial abuse, contact Protective Services or the Center for Victims of Violence and Crimes.

Protective Services: (800) 344-4319

Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC)
24 Hour Helpline: (412) 392-8582
Toll Free: (866) 644-CVVC (2882)