DUI Court

The Allegheny County DUI Court aims to make the multiple DUI offender accountable for their actions by bringing about behavioral change that ends DUI recidivism, or other criminal behavior, through the use of long-term judicial intervention, intensive community supervision and drug and alcohol treatment.

The DUI Court team is a combination of specialized probation officers and drug and alcohol case managers, which allows for specialized treatment to give individuals the best path to success.

DUI Court requires participants to attend a Victim Impact Panel, which is a program to help recognize the long-term effects of impaired driving. The panel seeks to create empathy and understanding of the tragedy and leaves a lasting impression that leads to changes in thinking and behavior. DUI Court has also partnered with Human Services Administrative Organization to offer individuals in both DUI and Drug Court access to their peer panel, members of the peer panel may become mentors to those currently in the court program. There are several DUI Court graduates on the peer panel, which is another way they are giving back to their community. In 2022, 79 individuals attended a Victim Impact Panel and 32 individuals graduated from DUI Court.

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