Domestic Violence – Internet Safety

An abuser may track your internet activities therefore, attention needs to be paid when visiting sites on the internet. You do not need to be a computer professional to monitor a person’s internet activities. Internet usage can be monitored by checking internet history or using Spyware, hacking tools, or keystroke loggers. If you are in danger, please try to use a safe computer that an abusive person does not have access to. A safe computer could be at a trusted friend’s house, a public library, or an internet café.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Instant Messaging, Text Messaging, and Email are not safe ways to contact someone about the abuse taking place. A safe way to contact someone would be calling one of the hotlines provided below. If you must use Email or Instant Messaging, please use an account your abuser does not know about on a safe computer.
  • If you are concerned that you are being monitored, deleting all internet history on your computer may appear to be suspicious.
  • If you are concerned you are being monitored, use a safe computer to create your escape plan. In addition, you should continue your normal daily activities on the computer that is being monitored.

If you are in danger, please:

  • Call 911
  • Call your local hotline:
    • Crisis Center North 866-782-0911
    • Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh 24 Hour Hotline: (412) 687-0005 | Text: (412) 744-8445
    • Alle-Kiski Area Hope Center 888-299-4673
    • Center For Victims (866) 644-2882