PITTSBURGH— The office of the Attorney General’s task force along with the Allegheny County District  Attorney’s Narcotics Enforcement Team (DANET), and the Port Authority Police seized 962 bricks of suspected fentanyl, at the Grey Hound bus station, Tuesday, Feb. 21.  

The amount seized is the equivalent of approximately 48,100 stamp bags. Investigators estimate the total  street value of the seized suspected fentanyl to be around $288,600. Two individuals were arrested.  

“We are grateful for the dangerous work done by DANET officers and the Office of Attorney General to keep  drugs off of the streets and out of our neighborhoods,” said DA Zappala. “The Allegheny District Attorney’s  Office will continue to collaborate with local law enforcement to make our communities safer.”  

This follows an interdiction that took place on Feb. 1 when a similar amount of suspected heroin/fentanyl was  seized at the same location, and several people were arrested.  

The amount seized on that date was 1,455 bricks of suspected heroin/fentanyl, which is equivalent to  approximately 72,750 stamp bags. The suspected heroin/fentanyl was intended to be distributed, not only,  throughout the city of Pittsburgh, but 300 bricks were intended for McKeesport.  

“Fentanyl is an incredibly dangerous drug that is plaguing Pennsylvania communities. Thanks to strong law  enforcement collaboration, we’ve prevented this suspect from selling 48,100 more doses of this poison,”  Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry said. “My Office is committed to collaborating with our partners to  do whatever it takes to get these drug dealers and their poisons out of our communities.”  

This case is to be prosecuted in Allegheny County.  


The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office serves an area of approximately 740 square miles and  a population of over 1.2 million people. It employs more than 200 employees, including more than 100  attorneys, detectives, crime scene analysts and support staff. The District Attorney’s Office serves as the Chief  Law Enforcement Office of the county and accepts referrals from more than 100 active police departments  including the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, the Allegheny County Police Department and the Allegheny  County Sheriff’s Department. For more information, please visit alleghenycountyda.us.  

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