Sept. 18, 2023


PITTSBURGH — District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala, Jr. along with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office celebrated the recent graduates’ completion of Drug Court and Mental Health Court on Monday, Sept. 18.

Drug Court held a graduation event in Judge Todd’s courtroom for five graduates with the support of 10 members of the Drug Court team, including Justice Related Services and Adult Probation.

“Drug Court saved my life,” said guest speaker, Nick Corcoran, a Drug Court graduate from 2022. “Before, I had zero hope for any success in my life. Today, I run two successful businesses – my life is awesome.”

Six graduates received a certificate of completion from the Mental Health Court graduation, although two graduates were unable to attend in person. The event was hosted by Judge Lazzara around the Grand Staircase in the Allegheny County Courthouse.

“They’ve all worked tremendously hard,” said Judge Lazzara. “All the graduates are officially off probation as of today.”

“This is the day we see the success of the program,” said Deputy District Attorney Rachel Newman. “You can focus on the numbers but when you see the lives that we’ve changed and saved, that’s the true measure of success.”

These recent graduates of the second chance diversionary court, join a long list of alumni who have successfully gone through treatment and received help.

“Struggling with addiction and mental health does not make you a criminal,” said DA Zappala. “For the past 24 years, our program has given hundreds of people a second chance to put their lives back on track.”

The next graduation will take place in December.


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