On Wednesday, Nov. 1, District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala, Jr. held a briefing regarding the use of technology to protect the safety of Allegheny County. He was joined by representatives of PlateSmart Technologies and local police departments. The focus was on the implementation of technology such as the use of cameras and software to combat crime and protect residents within the county.

“We want to be abundantly clear of where we are and what we have done in the community,” said DA Zappala. “When implemented, this technology works. It works to solve crime, to prevent crime, and to keep you safe.”

The partnership between the Allegheny District Attorney’s Office and PlateSmart Technologies has assisted in the thousands of prosecutions in and outside of Allegheny County. PlateSmart Technologies specializes in AI-generated software that can be utilized by public and private entities to better serve and protect the community.