Child Abuse Unit

The Child Abuse Unit of the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office is charged with the duty of prosecuting cases involving child physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. All felony arrests and search warrants in Allegheny County involving suspected child abuse are reviewed by experienced staff members of the District Attorney’s Office to ensure that the most appropriate course of action is taken. The unit also handles some child homicide cases. This unit is dedicated to prosecuting child abuse in the most thorough yet most compassionate of ways. The goal is to help the child while causing the least amount of stress to the child from the justice system.

A terrifying fact about child abuse is that most children are abused by people they know and trust and as such, child abuse often goes unreported. Some of the more prevalent signs of abuse and neglect are: unexplained burns, cuts, bruises or other injuries, bite marks, anti-social behavior, problems in school, fear of adults, depression, stressed behavior, lack of concentration, inappropriate interest or knowledge of sex acts, extreme hunger, lack of cleanliness and nightmares.

If you suspect child abuse, contact the Allegheny County Police for assistance at (412) 473-1251. To determine if a registered sex offender resides near you, visit:

City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police: (412) 665-4020
Children, Youth and Family Services (CYF) (412) 473-2000
PA Childline: (800) 932-0313
Center for Victims of Violence and Crime(CVVC)
24 Hour Helpline: (412) 392-8582
24 Hour Toll Free Helpline: (866) 644-CVVC (2882)
Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR)
24 Hour Hotline: (866) ENDRAPE (363-7273)
24 Hour Hotline: (412) 431-7665

You can report suspected child abuse anonymously to PA Childline.

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