PITTSBURGH — The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office has charged Alden D. Watters,  Jr., 55, with 11 counts of forgery, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and access device  fraud for issuing fraudulent checks during his time as the director of student accounts at Chatham  University.  

During Watters’ employment at the university, it was discovered that Watters was misusing university  funds and by issuing a total of 11 checks payable to Ana Cuevas, who was not affiliated with Chatham  University in any way. The total of the checks amounts to $33,211. According to the criminal report,  Watters identified Cuevas as his domestic partner, in which they both share the same address.  

After reviewing copies of the fraudulent checks, each endorsed by Cuevas, the money was deposited  into an account jointly owned by Watters and Cuevas. Watters made the checks payable to Cuevas  from Chatham University, with the knowledge that she was not owed any money from the university.  Cuevas signed for each check and deposited them into a shared bank account between herself and  Watters.  

A warrant for arrest has been issued for Watters and Cuevas. The courts will set bail. The criminal  prosecution process prohibits any further comment by the District Attorney’s Office on this case.  


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