Project Lifesaver – Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Disabilities Awareness Month. The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office in partnership with the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association initiated the use of Project Lifesaver to aid families and caregivers who have loved ones with tendencies...

Remembering McKeesport Police Officer Sean Sluganski

McKeesport police officer Sean Sluganski was laid to rest on Feb. 14, surrounded by family, friends, and those who served beside him. Officer Sluganski died protecting his community. The people of McKeesport and Allegheny County will remember him as the brave hero he...

Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association Swearing in Ceremony

DA Zappala attended the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association’s meeting on Feb. 9 as new president, Chief Craig Campbell was sworn in. The DA swore in members of the organization’s executive board.

DA Zappala Accompanied by County Detectives on Crime Scene Visit

January 25, 2023 DA Zappala was accompanied by county detectives to walk through the route of crime scenes that led to the murder of Chief McIntire. Crime scene visits can be common when there are several scenes to a crime and when a matter of public safety is at issue.